For the last 12 months, we have been working alongside other churches and organisations already active in the area. There is currently little provision for the secondary age young people, and we have already been working in St Machar Academy, and other activities. More detail can be found here. For the youth worker’s outline of activities, see here.

Our full time youth worker, Curtis Sangbarani, started with us on 12th January 2015.For more detail on how the work is going, see below weekly activity, taken from our latest Newsletter.

Outreach Update

News from youth worker Curtis Sangbarani on what’s been happening each day – quite a lot!

Monday  - helps at night with youth outreach club at Seaton, with Tony from Seaton Church. From January 11th onwards, God willing, the Cage will go in fortnightly, alongside the Dyce outreach bus which is already there. Late primary plus academy yp.

Tuesday – School Pastoring role, through which kids have been coming across to lunchtime club. Mixed nationalities, sometimes find it difficult at school, find a safe haven in lunchtime club. Good cross contact with yp now, through football coaching and school, also through TLG (Transforming Lives for Good Education Charity), befriending at Riverbank primary school. Teacher picks out the ones who might need this kind of one to one approach. Going well.

Wednesday – Sams youth club, Seaton (Samuel Trust). After School club Seaton Primary. P3 – P7, currently games, Bible lessons, snacks. Then Riverbank Primary football training. The work on discipline and respect for fellow team players has been bearing fruit. Around 14 each week and growing. 2 boys from the academy also there. Chance to get them to come to clubs also. Have man of the match competition with Haribo prize.

Football games on a Saturday, transport difficulties, many parents don’t have cars. Need to go to places like Kaimhill, Harlaw. Minibus would be useful! There is a big patch of grass out the back of the school, may belong to Aberdeen Football club. Would be ok for footie, and not same need for transport then, and might be able to coach P4/5 as well as P6/7. Will look into this further. Team progressing. From not winning at all, now 4 out of 6 wins!

Thursday Curtis at Dougie Simpson’s (DCF) support group, then St Machar Academy lunch club with boys. Have started serving food to them now through Lighhouse – hot dogs, pizza - trying something different. No table tennis etc, but wacky games. Mark, Grace and Jane helping.

SU club, Riverside Primary. Have a rota which is helping, but need more volunteers to help. Now increased to 29 yp, total 40 from both sessions. Football/Bible combining well, and will develop that. Mainly male, just 1 female. Need for equivalent female youth worker to do something parallel with the girls.

Friday SAMS+,  lunch club (Samuel Trust). At Mission Church next to the Uni hub. 2nd Years. 3 leaders. Not working so well, low numbers. May stop this, which would leave time to try something else, more Cage, Befriending at Academy or additional football coaching.

Saturday   Every 2nd one.   Befriending started. Riverbank Primary Games. Pizza, activities, bowling.

Helping at Childrens Church at the Lighthouse on Sunday. Primary plus a few Secondary, including Reece who was saved recently. Could take Cage in here. They have lunch once a month – could be there also.






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