Profile - Steven Hamilton


1. What’s your full name?

Steven Hamilton

2. What's your daytime job?

Fundraising Sales Assistant at Spree Book

3. What's your role within NESYFC?

Volunteer Centre Director and Staff Line Manager

4. Can you tell us about your family?

.Engaged to be married in June!

5. Which Church are you part of?

Deeside Christian Fellowship Church

6. How did you become a Christian?

At an evangelistic event in Naples when I was about 8. It was the first time that I personally realised I could have a ‘conversation’ with the God that my parents knew and talked about.

7. What do you most enjoy about being involved with NESYFC?

The belief that Jesus is the answer for any young person

8. What excites you most about God?

His nearness

9. What is your favourite fruit?



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