Frontline Youthwork Update April 2021

Front Line Youth Work – Update from Matthew

Update from Matthew on front line youth work and what else he has been doing.

  • Radiate and Illuminate have taken a break for Easter. The last few weeks have been difficult to keep going through the lockdown primarily due to Zoom fatigue.
  • Radiate has been tailing off it is felt to Zoom Fatigue however one girl who has been coming along for a while was really keen to stay in and take part in a Zoom event even although she was the only one there.  That was really encouraging to the leaders.
  • Illuminate has seen 2 or 3 YP attending and this is a steady contribution in the sessions. Online contact has been well received. 
  • One 2 One session have been going well 
  • Easter contributions from YW have been full on for the last few weeks.  
  • A video telling the Easter story has been put together for Donside Easter Sunday service The story involves input from the young people and has been done in a ‘News’ format with the young people playing the various characters involved. 
  • An Easter egg hunt is being held on Saturday in Tillydrone with 25 families (approx. 100 people total) having signed up for it.  Approval to hold the event has been obtained from the local police and council.
  • Easter bundles are being prepared for issue to the young people we have been in contact with.
  • Short daily devotional videos on the Easter story have been prepared and will be shown online during the week leading up to Easter.
  • A devotional series on Hope messages from the Bible is being shown on line.