Gap years

About to leave school or uni? Or just want a break? And passionate about serving God by working with young people? A gap year is an amazing experience, and two possibilities are a gap year with British YFC's programme YFCOne or a gap year with Aberdeen-based The One Trust...

Are you or someone you know 17 – 25 yrs old and unsure what to do next year?, September 07 – July 08. Kick and all YFC year out teams, ETA, Fly, Skate, Fore,creative arts and music teams, operating under YFCOne, are currently recruiting year out volunteers. Our teams are based across the UK and have vacancies for people with a passion for Jesus and who want to share their faith with other young people. Some of you have first hand experience of a year out and know how good it is, grab a friend and point them to this site, why not remind us of a highlight, or visit If you’re unsure what a year out involves, speak with one of our fellow bloggers via our Bebo and Myspace pages ; ( or contact us via to find out more, particularly for cost and location information.

The One Trust
James Gregory at the One Trust writes:
Greetings from sunny Newburgh (well, it's sunny today at least!). I've just started on my third term with our schools band - The One Band. It's been a really exciting 8 months with them, we've been involved in 16 schools in and around Aberdeen and have had a fantastic response wherever we've gone. There seems to be a bit of a buzz around the education folks in the city at the moment and we're being welcomed with open arms wherever we go - by staff and pupils. I'm getting very excited not only by what we're doing now but more so by the potential this ministry could have in our city as it develops further. I'm now looking for some fresh faces to join us next year!

You may well know someone who has.....

1. a gift for music (or sound)
2. a passion for God and young people
3. 11 months or thereabouts free
4. an ability to be stretched and grown

We're looking for a new band to start mid August 2007, they will be given accommodation, all expenses, and pocket money. They'll receive lots of mentoring and training in their music and their faith - from us locally, and also from our other partners. There's a whole lot more I could tell you about the day to day running etc, but I won't bore you with it now! This year has been an incredible year of experience and growth for the five band members, and they've been a great blessing to us and our ministry here. So, if you or someone you know is interested in joining us in August, or if you just want more info please call/ email me!

The One Trust, Oldmachar Church, Ashwood Park, Bridge of Don