The Breathe resource pack is now available. It provides an idea of how a church could run a breathe event the equipment required and some program ideas.For a cd copy contact Jay in the office, an online copy will be available shortly.

Well mission is nearly upon us. This year we are going back to Kemnay and everything kicks off this weekend. The theme of the mission this year is "watch this space". So keep you eyes peeled and see what you can see. Remember the mission team in your prayers so all goes well and that everyone has the energy to get through what promises to be a hectic week!

Since the website moved over to a vitual server with Easily hosting, we have been able to develop several features, and have more on the way...The forums are now our own custom-built system, and we have a poll system, which you can vote in by clicking on the link in the welcome section on the front page. It is also much easier for us to add news items and do more interesting things with pages. So go get a login name now and interact with our site!If you have any thoughts or would like to suggest something we could do with the site, either post a message on the forum or email the webmaster.

Since Vicky moved on we have been left with a huge void in the office, but not any longer. Jay McIntyre has now taken on the job of administration. She will be in the office weekdays between 1 and 2 pm. Everyone call the office to keep her busy!