Profile - Edna Brownlee

1. Whats your full name?
Edna Brownlee

2.What's your daytime job?
I am retired now.

3. What's your role within North East Scotland Youth for Christ
supporters database

4. Can you tell us about your family?
I was married to Alasdair for over 50 years  before he was called to Glory in 2018. We have 4 children - Heather married to Theo, Allison married to Mike, Sandy (Newsletter Editor for North East Scotland Youth for Christ) married to Jay and Ian married to Christine,and a previous volunteer with NESYFC, I also have 11 grandchildren.

5.Which Church are you part of?
I am currently worshipping at New Pitsligo Community Church.

6.How did you become a Christian?
I have always known that there is a God but probably didnt really become a Christian till later in life - no blinding flashes - just a gradual realisation that Jesus died for 'me'

7.What do you most enjoy about being involved with us?
I really enjoy being part of the steering group and being able to help with the behind the scene stuff. Its great hearing about young people getting to know Jesus.

8 What excites you most about God?
It excites me to know that God is always faithful, He has helped me through some very difficult times

Not really v exciting but says it all!!


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