Youth and Schools Work

Some of the youth worker’s activities are:

Befriending: meeting regularly with one or two young doing activities such as bowling, pool, eating, and going to the Aberdeen games. Providing a spiritual and emotional support in their daily lives.

School Pastors. Providing broader support with Riverbank Primary P7, and St Machar Academy first years. The school pastor lunch club is still as packed out as ever.

The Riverbank football team. Building up positive values through sport. One young lad we have been working with for years, a previous member of the football team, came in as a coach and has been tremendous. He is also involved with the Lighthouse Bible study alongside one of the leaders, and the change in his life has been amazing - he is even encouraging fellow pupils from St Machar Academy, which can be daunting to go along to prayer meetings and Bible groups run through the Lighthouse.

The SU group in Riverbank Primary. Fun crafts and games and also a God slot where we will share the Bible. 

The Space after school club for St Machar Academy pupils

Lighthouse Explorers/Scripture Union. P5 – P7 primary school pupils at lunch time

Bible Alive. Primary school pupils exploration of The Bible, seven week block