We're happy to announce a change in roles amongst our staff. In recognition of his increasing input into the vision and development of NESYFC's ministry, our part-time outreach worker Steven Hamilton is now working as Centre Director. Our exec committee will continue to keep up the administrative side of things so Steven is able to keep working directly with young people for most of his time, but the new role allows him freedom to shape the work as God leads him. Please pray for Steven as he takes on this additional responsibility, and for the rest of the NESYFC team, as we support him in the role and obediently seek God's will for ways to reach more young people better.

Commenting on the new role, Steven said:

"I feel this is the right way to move in being more deliberately the missional arm of the church to young people. I really look forward to

- finding out how to support and equip churches in their youth outreach,
- praying for them and
- providing them a good example with our work in the shire."