Resources for Churches

Have you ever spent hours trying to write a talk or to put a youth session together and felt like you’re getting nowhere fast? Or maybe there’s been time spent scouring the internet looking for ideas on how to tackle a specific theme or Bible study but everything you find just doesn’t seem to fit the context you’re working within.

Stress no more…

Youth for Christ’s heart is to see young people’s lives changed by Jesus, and a large part of that comes through the brilliant work you do within your local church.  So look no further, we have the resources to help with the week to week youth ministry sessions that are flexible and allow you to either use the session as it is or to custom make your own session from the ideas across the resources database of ideas!

Resources which are available include those for 7 – 11’s; 11 – 14’s; 14 – 18’s; 18 – 25’s; Family Resources; Youth Leader Development Resources etc.

Check out the National Youth for Christ Resources website at to find out more!