Frontline Youthwork Update November 2021

Update from Matthew on front end youth work and what is being planned in the lead up to Christmas holidays.

Christmas outing has been arranged for December and the young people who were at the weekend away earlier in the year are excited to get together again.

A Christmas party has been arranged with the slightly younger children, they have had a high attendance since September and they are keen to get involved on Sunday mornings.

Illuminate is having good discussions and the children there are keen to listen and take part as well.

Young adults have kept the same group this term and they continue to have good numbers. One-to-one is showing good progress and has lead to good discussions.

Riverbank are on hold with restart of SU. The head teacher was waiting to get more consent forms back, so that the group can get started. Football is restarting next week and the interest has been good. SU will be busy, with 3 groups running back to back in the lunch time.