Frontline Youthwork Update October 2023

General Update - This was the first week back since the schools have returned following the October break. The main focus has been on getting the groups back up and running.

  • Radiate - There was a smaller group of kids at Radiate but nevertheless it was a really good session. Attendance should increase next week as the kids settle back into the routine of things.
  • Illuminate - This was a large group of young people at Illuminate – predominantly boys which was both unusual and encouraging. The group was more difficult to manage but it was nevertheless a good session. Some of the boys who had gone to the Youth Weekend Away came along.
  • SU at Riverbank - There was a good solid group at the session (8 at first session, 20 at second session). It was encouraging that there were 14 boys at the second session.
  • SU at Northfield - These sessions will restart today over lunch time.
  • Five-a-Side Football - This has pretty much stopped now over the winter due to the unpredictability of the weather. It is not possible to book out the school’s gym hall due to it being pre-booked by Aberdeen Lad’s Club during their refurbishment programme.
  • Friday Night Drop-in - Drop-in is due to restart next Friday (10 Nov 23).
  • PANNA Football Cage - The Cage has now been put away for the winter due to the unpredictability of the weather over the winter.

   Christmas Activities

  • Christmas Party (Kids) - The kids Christmas Party this year is currently planned to be held on Friday 15 Dec 23 (4:30 to 6:00pm).
  • Christmas Party (Youth) - The event for our older youth has yet to be finally decided on, but is likely to be the same format as in previous years i.e. go out for cinema and food.
  • Donside Community Church Christmas Service - This is to be held on Sunday 17 Dec 23 and it is hoped to get some of the young people we work with to take part in the service.