Profile - Kat Beedie

1. Whats your full name?
Kat Beedie

2.What's your daytime job?
I am an out of schools playworker, as well as a childminder.

3. What's your role within North East Scotland Youth for Christ
My role in NES YFC is Secretary. That means that I carry out all of the administration work and take the minutes in our monthly Steering Group meetings. I also arrange the mobile phone contract for our new youth worker, as well as researching the best options for new technologies online. The most rewarding thing is getting all the minutes sent out every month and knowing that they are kept up to date, I find this really satisfying!

4.Which Church are you part of?

I am currently worshipping at Deeside Christian Fellowship Church.

5. What are a few of your favourite things...?

My favourite colour is Purple and my favourite food is pasta.