Due to current  guidance we are unable to hold the planned Christmas party for the younger children.  However, Radiate are to hold a 'Zoom' party online with Santa invited

Illuminate are still able to meet, socially distanced and they will have a small Christmassy meeting with appropriate games.

The social media outreach has been well interacted with and the videos are going well. 

Unfortunately, parents havent been so keen to respond to Matthews messages about the videos in group chats

Ecclesiastical Insurance is offering to donate £1000 to a number of charities they will choose from those nominated to them by supporters. Please nominate us by clicking on the orange button below. 

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Matthew returned to Tillydrone in August and has been working remotely for some of the time, but restrictions lifted and the youthwork at Tillydrone is picking up pace. It is mainly untouched by current restrictions, but operating within social distancing rules.

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Just a brief update that, while our regular work has suspended during the lockdown, we are continuing to reach out to young people through a variety of channels online. You can catch up with goings-on at our Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can also find regular posts including Bible Studies for teenagers. Please pray for safety and God's wisdom for the team and the young folk we work with during this time.