General Update - This was the first week back since the schools have returned following the October break. The main focus has been on getting the groups back up and running.

  • Radiate - There was a smaller group of kids at Radiate but nevertheless it was a really good session. Attendance should increase next week as the kids settle back into the routine of things.
  • Illuminate - This was a large group of young people at Illuminate – predominantly boys which was both unusual and encouraging. The group was more difficult to manage but it was nevertheless a good session. Some of the boys who had gone to the Youth Weekend Away came along.
  • SU at Riverbank - There was a good solid group at the session (8 at first session, 20 at second session). It was encouraging that there were 14 boys at the second session.
  • SU at Northfield - These sessions will restart today over lunch time.
  • Five-a-Side Football - This has pretty much stopped now over the winter due to the unpredictability of the weather. It is not possible to book out the school’s gym hall due to it being pre-booked by Aberdeen Lad’s Club during their refurbishment programme.
  • Friday Night Drop-in - Drop-in is due to restart next Friday (10 Nov 23).
  • PANNA Football Cage - The Cage has now been put away for the winter due to the unpredictability of the weather over the winter.

   Christmas Activities

  • Christmas Party (Kids) - The kids Christmas Party this year is currently planned to be held on Friday 15 Dec 23 (4:30 to 6:00pm).
  • Christmas Party (Youth) - The event for our older youth has yet to be finally decided on, but is likely to be the same format as in previous years i.e. go out for cinema and food.
  • Donside Community Church Christmas Service - This is to be held on Sunday 17 Dec 23 and it is hoped to get some of the young people we work with to take part in the service.

  •   Radiate
  • There has been a resurgence of high numbers with the Wednesday Groups, with high numbers last week, and 20+ regularly attending this group.  A new 10 week course of talks on ‘The life of Jesus’ through from miracles and parables to Jesus death and resurrection has just started.  There have been lots of deep questions from the p5/6s such as ‘Why did Jesus have to die?’, ‘What happens if we don’t trust Him?’ and ‘How does He know about us when He lived so long ago?’
  • Illuminate
  • There has been steady numbers of young people, some weeks they listen well, others not so well.
  • Five-a-Side Schools Football
  • There has been more football sessions on Thursdays now that the better weather has arrived and the sessions have gone very well.
  • SU at Riverbank Primary
  • There have been about 20-35/40 across the two sessions.  We have had extra help from a lady from Donside Community Church. The gospel is shared with the kids and again lots of questions have been asked i.e. ‘Why did sin come into the world?’ and ‘Why does bad stuff happen?’·     

 Friday Night Youth Drop-in

  • Takes place every 2nd week, and numbers attending are recovering from the low numbers over the winter months.  We now have a small café at Drop-in where soft drinks and cake are available for a small cost.Last time a group of Polish boys came in quite late but stayed for ages chatting with the Drop-in team.
  • SU at Northfield Academy
  • Still quite steady with mostly teenage boys attending and a Bible slot has recently been introduced. One of the leaders, has been formatting a wee talk as some of the YFC and SU material is still a bit too advanced for this group at the moment.
  • Cage
  • The cage will operate alternate weeks to the Friday night dropin , but volunteers are needed to help on the night.
  • Mission Week
  • More than half the places at Kid’s Club have been filled already, with another 8-10 weeks left to register.  This is very encouraging

Things have been quiet with the schools being down for the Easter holidays.  It has been good though for the volunteers and Matthew to have some down time to recharge their batteries ready for the summer programme·      

  • The Cage is due to restart for the summer season sometime in May.  Sessions will be held on a Friday afternoon on alternate weeks to the Friday Night Drop-in.  Please pray that sufficient volunteers would be found to man the Cage.
  • It is hoped that the Boxing/Fitness Club will also start again in May to run in tandem with the Cage.  Discussions are ongoing with Byron Boxing Club.
  • Planning and preparation for the Summer Mission, which is to be held 10 – 14 Jul 23, is ongoing with the theme for the kids sessions still to be decided on.
  • SU at Northfield Academy is due to restart next week after the Easter holiday break.  Prior to that, it has been going well with around 10 boys coming along, which is hugely encouraging.
  • SU at Riverbank Primary continues to go very well and one P6 class and teacher went along to ‘The Easter Story’ which was held at The Mission Church.  Feedback has been very positive.



The groups and activities continue to go well, though not without the occasional challenges, they are well attended

  • SU in Riverbank is going well- with more than 40 attending over the 2 groups. It has become necessary to request the provision of a larger room by the school for these sessions. The group are currently using 'On the Way' material based on the gospel of Luke and looking at Jesus life.
  • SU at Northfield Academy too is a real encouragement with 6 or 7 boys regularly attending. The format of the group has been changed and is now a more relaxed group with the team playing games to build up relationships before introducing talks.
  • Riverbank Primary five-a-side football is proving difficult at present due to school H&S requirements not allowing football to be played during bad and /or wet weather. This does tend to cause a loss of momentum in attendance and participation.
  • Bible Alive started last week for P6,a teacher that the kids reapect has been helpful. Bible Alive didnt meet this week due to teacher strikes and may not take place next week.
  • Radiate has largely been going well however there has been a small group of girls who have been disruptive. This has been dealt with.
  • Illuminate continues to go very well with 15-20 young people attending
  • Friday night group continues.