• Friday Night Drop-in & Cage

These events continue to do very well and are well attended. Using the Cage at Drop-in works really well together with the earlier late afternoon session.

  • Radiate, Illuminate & Young Adults

Going well although less numbers out which tends to be the case immediately after the restart after school holidays.

  • In-schools Work

Restarted on Thursday after the Easter break and continues to be popular with the kids and supported well by teachers.

  • Venue Shift to Tillydrone Community Campus

As of week commencing 25 Apr 22, the groups will be held in the Community Campus due to The Old Library Building in Pennan Road being closed for de-construction and refurbishment works.

One to One

One of the young people is wanting to get involved in everything and is doing well.

A second one needs prayer for mental health and ongoing guidance that they would not fall away from the church


Radiate and Illuminate are running well, numbers are reducing towards the end  of term, but they listen well.

Young adults have been experiencing some disruption from some of the participants, so prayer is needed for the way forward.

Riverside Football team are getting a lot of children along to the training and is going well. Young people are responding to instruction and are improving.

Youth dropin continues to do well , and is getting a lot of people in to see whats going on (fortnightly)

Summer Mission

We are looking forward to this. Matthew is busy connecting the items together and is expecting a team over from Northern Ireland for some of the talks.

Registration can be made on Eventbrite; 

Byron Boxing Club

Two sessions have gone well, they had a visit from Northsound Radio last week as they have funded some of the equipment. This week the cage will be there from 4 to 5 to increase interest. These will be held on alternate fortnights with the dropin.


Friday night youth drop in is going really well, with all young people stopping what they are doing to listen to the weekly testimony session.

Illuminate- A new book has been finished and the young people have all really connected well with that.

Radiate- New behaviour regime is started and going well. Young people are listening better, and many are coming to SU at the school too.

Cage is going well with 40-ish people coming along on the first session. The Cage will stay up for the fortnightly drop in over summer months.

Radiate is having a movie night and next weeks drop in will host the games bus from Seaton.

The Easter Holiday lunch club will take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week .

Holiday Bible Club and adult sessions in the start of July. A team from Northern Ireland will come to host this with Matthew. We hope to offer something for the whole community to attend over the week. The cage will be used, and everything should come together on that week.


Friday night drop in has been a success two weeks ago 28 young people came, despite a few being away and a few not being able to attend on the night.

Wednesdays are going well and groups are bigger, still! Some young people have been attending Church on Sundays, from Radiate. Illuminate has been good, with returning young people and big numbers as well.

School groups are open again and lots of young people are attending. Riverbank and St Machar are allowing Groups to run again in school days.

Easter holidays are under planning and we are hoping to run a lunch club in Tillydrone over the week of the 11th April, for Radiate young people.