This has been the busiest 3 weeks since the Pandemic started.

The Cage is now off the ground., it was back out on a Friday night in August, with 20 people coming down. Since this night, it has been successful with around 40 people coming.

A new girl came down to the youth drop in and has since been coming to the Illuminate each week, she is really keen and is enjoying the groups.

Each group has been going well, with lots of new children from the drop in and the cage events. Radiate was especially well attended by 20 children from the cage event that was held the week before.

School Pastors at St. Machar is back on and the young people have attended at the school after recognising the YFC events around Tillydrone.

Radiate – Has stopped for summer at the moment, as most kids attending were P7  Illuminate

Illuminate – P7’s have been integrated in to Illuminate and have managed really well. This should help transition over summer. There is now 12 or 13 each Wednesday.

Holiday Bible Club will be running in June and July. MJH has been preparing this, it’s going well. Numbers being capped aren’t necessary for this any more, so we could have a bigger group.

TLG has started back up, so that’s a relief for MJH and the school have been relaxed in letting him back into the classroom.

1 to 1 is going well. Outdoor coffee’s and walks are seeing young people being keen to talk.

Police in the area have been overrun with Anti-social behaviour in the streets, so MJH has been planning a more hand’s on outreach in the community where this is happening, to offer an alternative for young people.

One of the young people has done a good job of the painting of the walls at the church building, and has been keen for a leader to take him under their wing


General update on what is planned for the remainder of the summer holidays in light of current spike in COVID cases, now across Aberdeen.

Matthew still hopes to hold a few small events for the youth before the end of the summer.

His to-do list is; 

1. The cage re-start.

2. The youth weekend away in October. 

Easter videos were received well.

Easter bundles weren’t so greatly received by the young people, after a good turn out to the Easter Egg hunt before YW’s holiday.

We managed a face to face meeting with Illuminate on Wednesday night last week, which was successful. This was presumed allowed under guidance, because there is a separate door and space in the house.

Radiate has seen 2 extra YP attending and this has brought enthusiasm and excitement. It has been good to get back to meeting.

Face to face is going well. YW has managed to support and encourage this YP and he is doing better.

TLG is taking extra time to prepare and often the YP isn’t turning up online, after his Dad says that He will attend.